When you enter the doors of Shakthi South Asian Cuisine, you will experience a warm and inviting environment with soothing music, unique paintings, and rich authentic dishes. Shakthi specializes primarily in Sri Lankan food that is enriched with coconut milk, herbs, and a blend of homemade Sri Lankan spices. Shakthi also offers Indian and Thai dishes.

Stanley & Ramani Perera, the owners of Shakthi South Asian Cuisine, have more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. They offer traditional Sri Lankan food such as rice dishes, string hoppers, the popular Kotthu Roti (Sri Lankan street food), deviled dishes, and a wide variety of curries and vegetarian dishes. They also serve meats such as lamb, goat, chicken, and seafood. Come visit the first Sri Lankan restaurant in the DC metropolitan area!

Stanley Perera is a talented chef with more than 20 years of experience. He started out at a five star hotel restaurant in Colombo Sri Lanka. He then traveled to Madrid, Spain where he worked in a restaurant for four years. Stanley then moved to the US where he worked at as the head chef at Aangan, an Indian restaurant, for eleven years.

Editorials: Delicious Sri Lankan food in the D.C. area: Shakthi South Asian Cuisine
“An excellent bit of variety, I think, for people who know and like Indian food, and would like to branch out.”-Eugene Volokh

At Shakthi South Asian Cuisine, the heat may vary, but the deliciousness doesn’t  

“Despite the pain, I loved the dish, its burn tempered by the cardamom fragrance of the spice blend. Nearly two weeks later when I sampled the mas roti again, it was a purring kitten, perfumed but declawed.”– Tim Carman